Saturday, April 5, 2008

Under-10 XI

With the help of the MLS Fact and Record book, I'm putting together a unique team that includes a World Cup player and Andre Nunley.

Before I post the squad, can anyone guess the criteria for this U-10 club?

OK, then, I'll start posting the team, and first to place in the comments the common thread wins.

Nunley was an MLS defender for Colorado in 1998.
I'm putting him in my backline along with Dustin Branan. He played for Kansas City in 2005.
Next defender would be Don Gramenz, who played for Tampa Bay in 2001.
Last defender would be Randy Merkel, who played for Miami in 2001.
Paul Marcoullier would be the goalkeeper. He had a stint with DC United in 2000.
John O'Brien starts off the midfield corps. He's the one with World Cup experience.
Amir Lowery, a Colorado 2005 alum, would also be in the midfield.
So would Stan Lembryk, who played for the 1996 MetroStars.
Ricci Greenwood, who played the same year for Columbus, would also qualify.
Up top I'd put Ryan Edwards. He played for San Jose in 2000.
His strike partner would be Narcisco Fernandes, of the 2001 Kansas City Wizards.
Fernando Fernandes - 1999 MetroStars
Christian Jimenez - 2006 Real Salt Lake
Brian Piesner - 2002 MetroStars
Chad Prince - 2001 Chicago Fire
Michael Richardson 1998 Chicago Fire
Kyle Singer - 2003 New England
McKinley Tennyson - 2002 Los Angeles
Scott Thompson - 2004 Los Angeles
Lyle Yorks - 1998 D.C. United
I realize the bench is a bit longer than normally allowed, but I had to fit everybody in.


fritz said...

leap year birthdays?

A.C. said...

No, Nunley was born in May.




A.C. said...

Uh, no, that list would be a LOT longer. But you're on the right track.

fritz said...

under 10 min played in mls

Dan Haug said...

I think Fritz is right. I know JOB fits that criteria.

A.C. said...

Yup, Fritz is right. An under-ten minute MLS career. I didn't include anyone from 2007, because they might play again. A number of there guys had only one minute of play, but not quite enough to make a starting 11. JOB had five minutes.