Monday, April 28, 2008

Almost Charming rankings

1. Columbus Crew - The Crew is clicking along, counting on Moreno to score and Hesmer to deny goals.
2. Chicago Fire - John Thorrington is proving he's more than last season's one-goal hero.
3. New England - Often New England is good, sometimes they're lucky, but the combo works.
4. Kansas City Wizards - There's no place like home for the Wizards
5. FC Dallas - Last of the unbeatens falls by the slimmest margin
6. Toronto FC - Better Red than ever before
7. Los Angeles Galaxy - Landon Donovan's star is burning brightly beside Beckham's
8. New York Red Bulls - Jozy's a young hero - Mike Magee's been there and survived injury woes to contribute again
9. Colorado Rapids - Where, oh where, will their goals come from?
10. DC United - A little revenge versus Real could help right the ship
11. Chivas USA - Brad Guzan isn't helping his transfer value with games like the last one.
12. Real Salt Lake - Blaming the ref doesn't score goals
13. San Jose Earthquakes - The lackluster offense gives the defense no margin for error
14. Houston Dynamo - No one expected the league champs to be dragging down the Western Conference


just another one of you said...

The replays from the KC/TFC game look like KC was up against it's own goal all day. Toronto looks like a completely different team than the one that started the season, and I think the same can be said for the Wiz.

Other than that your rankings are dead on.

The Hammer said...

The atmosphere of the game being what it was, you should ask Ruud what he thinks of the LA derby now.

Anonymous said...

NYRB's ranking is completely undeserved. Their brand of football is worse than watching Bolton against Portsmouth or any of those crappy EPL games. Other than Reyna, the rest of the team was just running up and down like headless chicken. It helped that that particular night, San Jose played horribly as well - couldn't string together three passes in a row.

With so much hype, I got to watch Altidore for the first time - I don't think he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Landon Donovan, or even Brian McBride - Jozy just thugs around everyone - might work in the U23's or even against CONCACAF competition, but if he seriously wants a real soccer career, he had better build some finesse in his touch and his runs. He did admirably in diving deep into the penalty area for the PK that broke that dull game - the contact was clearly outside the box (pause at the 8 second mark in the MLS video clip), the ref was miles away, dunno what the AR was watching. If anything that was a red card for a "denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity" and a free kick outside the box.

A.C. said...

Ah, but have you taken the new FIFA "continuation" guidelines into account?

And hammer, I did. All the quotes running around where Ruud talks about how "electric" the game was are in response to my question about that.

Anonymous said...




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