Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little faith

We had 131 people vote in our poll about who stood a better chance of winning on Saturday. Only 13 voters - a meager nine percent - thought San Jose had the better chance of winning as on overwhelming 70 percent went with Houston to beat the Galaxy. I, ahem, was part of the majority, I must admit.

I'm at 50 percent myself this weekend - had the Rapids and Dynamo each winning by two. But I took New England and New York to tie and had Toronto beating RSL in a close game, so I may have made some bettors money after all. We'll see if Chicago comes through for me.

So technically Houston is the last winless team in the league but the two-time champs have three points in four games and they're not hitting the panic button at all.

1 comment:

Dan Haug said...

I said niether would win... but to be honest I didn't really believe it. I just didn't want LA to lose, and I was pretty sure that San Jose would. :)