Friday, April 25, 2008

Ruud's not that excited

About the classico, that is. In a way, it makes sense, because he's played in Italy, the Milan derby there and he talked to the press about how the whole city goes crazy about those games and everywhere the players go, they see stuff about the game and people ask them about it.

In other words, if Beckham was playing for A.C. Milan like Ruud did, and appeared on a TV show before the match (like he did recently on Ellen), he'd be questioned about the match and some Inter fans in the studio audience would boo him just on principle. Ellen herself would be forced to disclose which team she prefers and then the audience would both cheer and boo her choice. Bets would be placed all across the city, with celebrities declaring on Access Hollywood clips which side they're pulling for, and Kobe would show up in Beck's box alongside Tom Cruise and Will Smith.

But obviously, LA isn't Milan, as Ruud said. Still the derby we have is the one we have. Ruud wants to win it, of course, but he's not going crazy about it.


CACuzcatlan said...

Its the only real derby (by strict definition) in the league.

The only American sporting event with the same level of excitement as a big Euro derby is probably a Yankees/Mets series.

A.C. said...

Ha, that's close to what Cobi told me about the game, except he said, "It's Yankees/Red Sox!"

CACuzcatlan said...

Yankees / Red Sox is a bigger rivalry, but I mentioned Mets because that is a derby, not just a rivalry.

A.C. said...

Exactly, your comparison made sense, but I think Cobi was just talking rivalry games, not derbies specifically.

Jim said...

I love the passion of this derby. I have been to many World Series games, including the final game of the 2002 World Series where my beloved Angels finally did it. I have been to a Super Bowl, NBA Championship game, Stanley Cup Final games, and the 1994 World Cup Final. All had some passion in their own right but funny thing is all lacked the intensity of this little rivalry.

I have been to games in England and Spain where I have actually seen the opposing team fans being sequestered after the game was over, in order to avoid conflict. But last year I saw it after our own derby. In the US of all places! It has to be a first for US sports. Got to love it.

Ben said...

I hope Ruud's lack of excitement won't lead to "It was just another game, like all the others" if the Galaxy lose. It is NOT just another game if the Gals want to be competitive it starts with winnig the classico... Besides I can't stand that oversized trash bag the legion breaks out for this game

The Hammer said...

I think Ruud will realize that there's no derby in the city, but there is one at the stadium come game day.

Things got pretty heated on and off the field for the last one.

A.Ruiz said...

So you mean it's like Cubs/White Sox

Which is bigger than Mets/Yankees.

I mean, if the Cubs/Sox series ever happened there would be riots, riots I tell you!