Sunday, April 27, 2008


Probably not. Last night, as reporters made their way to the post-game presser, we saw some fans calling out to someone in the expensive suites. I didn't think much of it until the presser, when the rumor started rumbling that they'd been saying "Figo! Figo!" Some media were wondering whether to run with a Luis Figo rumor. Now, Figo could have been visiting his old teammate, but I have to chime in that I didn't hear "Figo" being called out at all. I thought I heard "Viggo".

Now, Viggo Mortenson is an actor who was raised in Argentina and is a big soccer fan. He came to watch Barcelona play when they were last in LA.

Granted, I didn't see Mortenson (though I did run into Tom Cruise), but I'm guessing my take, as speculative as it is, is more likely than Figo being in town. After all, Viggo already lives nearby, so it's just a matter of deciding to come catch a game.

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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

There's no bloody way the Galaxy can sign Luis Figo unless they strip their team to the bare minimum to create cap space. Besides, who would trade them the DP slot that the Gals would need to sign Figo? And whom would anybody want on the Galaxy? Maybe McDonald, Franklin, Randolph or Valentin...good grief, the Gals would try to pull this off, wouldn't they? Remember Sturgis and Findley for Klein...