Monday, April 21, 2008

Lone Bear rankings (April 21)

1. Kansas City (3-1-1). Made early goal stand on the road.
2. FC Dallas (2-0-2). See above.
3. Chicago (2-1-1). Generated offense but finishing let them down.
4. Columbus (3-1-0). Surging Eastern power.
5. Houston (0-1-3). Strong side coming together.
6. New England (2-2-1). Down a man, overcame deficit.
7. Colorado (2-2-0). Squandered chance to gain valuable home points.
8. Chivas USA (1-2-1). Lack of intensity puzzling.
9. Toronto FC (2-2-0). Reds' midfield leading charge up table.
10. New York (1-1-1). Angel injur may im
11. Los Angeles (1-2-1). Could have done more.
12. San Jose (1-2-0). 'Quakes officially back.
13. Real Salt Lake (1-2-1). Maybe 4-0 win was a fluke.
14. DC United (1-3-0). Bottom has fallen out on DC.


just another one of you said...

wow you don't even have to win a game to make your top 5. impressive

Anonymous said...

I would give DC the 5 slot way before Houston, and I hate both teams.

The Hammer said...

We DID do more. Galaxy won the damn game. Stupid ref took it from us.

You give us no love Luis, I think you should give the hat back. Ha ha ha.

Ben said...

I agree with hammer no hat for LB... LAG has won once so should they not be above houston... or if you are going by roster strength or taking last season into account shouldn't DCU be higher... come on Luis just a little consistency... NO HAT FOR LUIS... NO HAT FOR LUIS...

A.C. said...

Luis gives tough love. The Galaxy have to push harder and be more consistent to impress him. He more than deserves the hat.

Dan Haug said...

I can't believe the parity in the league this year. It really feels like anyone can win on any given day.