Monday, April 28, 2008

Week 5 spotlight

Now with AC chiming in!


G: Matt Reis Will Hesmer

D: Michael Parkhurst Sean Franklin

D: Chad Marshall

D: Marvell Wynne

M: Santino Quaranta

M: Shalrie Joseph

M: John Thorrington Marcello Gallardo

M: Amado Guevara

F: Landon Donovan

F: Alan Gordon Mike Magee

F: Jaime Moreno Alejandro Moreno

Star: Though Amado Guevara was a spark plug and scored twice and Jaime Moreno had an outstanding game, Landon Donovan takes the honors for the second consecutive week. Donovan's hat trick was sublime and fueled the Galaxy's rout of Chivas USA.

Top defense: New England toppled the league's last unbeaten side on the road no less.

Top attack: Los Angeles scored almost at will against Chivas USA in the second half of Saturday's lopsided Super Clasico.

Coaching expertise: Perhaps its more of a cumulative nod, but Toronto's John Carver has seemingly found Toronto's ideal lineup. With Amado Guevara in the center of the midfield, the club's attack is potent. Also, Maurice Edu and Carl Robinson can be more effective in defending without needing to solely handle attacking responsibilities.

Top goal: Marcelo Gallardo's goal against Real Salt Lake was beautiful. From a tricky angle, Gallardo slammed a volley into the back of the net.
Sacha Kljestan's strike to bring Chivas level in the first half of the Super Clasico was a stunner.

Top save: Will Hesmer made a diving save late in Columbus' match against Houston that helped the Crew to their third consecutive win.

Top game: Galaxy-Chivas USA: A derby game, seven goals, high drama, taunts and insults, elation and depression. What more do you want?

Quotable: The essence of a rivalry:

Chivas USA coach Preki when asked about Landon Donovan celebrating a goal a few feet from Chivas' bench: "That's absolutely crap... I do not appreciate it and we do not appreciate it as a club. It shows a lot of disrespect."

Retorted Donovan: "If he doesn't want that to happen, then don't let me score. I tried to apologize to him because I realized that he was upset about it... but if he can't accept an apology then I guess he's not a big enough man."

Donovan Dos, when I asked if his celebration location was in retaliation to Kljestan celebrating his goal in front of the Galaxy fan groups. "No. [Pause] I think there are more important things we could be talking about."


Worst defense: Chivas USA. What was a bright spot a year ago is now abysmal.

Worst attack: Kansas City's attack left a lot to be desired. San Jose's looked more hopeless to me.

Dema Kovalenko: His volleyball-style defending led to a PK and opened the floodgates.


Anonymous said...

thumbs up for both of you :)

that's a good feature when both rankings/thoughts are put together.

Can pretty much agree with everything listed.



Anonymous said...

Ok Luis et al, aren't you glad you stayed for the Super Classico? A friend of mine went to Coachella and said the concerts were ok, but roasted her nalgas off. She said she wished she'd have gone to the match. Go Galaxy!

The Hammer said...

Hi, my name is Luis Bueno and I ranked Chivas' lone goalkeeper as the best goalkeeping unit in the league.

Except... Guzan got owned 3 times by Landon Donovan and 2 times by.... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... Alan Gordon!!!!!!


Sorry Luis, it was just too easy

Anonymous said...

I don't know what criteria you use for rating but I thought neither Alan Gordon nor Thorrington were that great. They scored two goals off hard work from other players. Granted if a brace gets you in then it gets you in.

I thought, for instance, Reyna played far better than either of them (particularly when he dropped back a bit when the consistently terrible Sinisi Ubiparapovich came off).

As a side note, until Osorio can figure out that his best team has Claudio further back playing quarterback and someone like Magee in a more attacking role instead of Sinisa, I have to think he has been doing a disappointing job so far.

Anonymous said...

Brad Guzan is definitely one of the top three goalies in MLS, if not the best, no question. How do you rate Cannon, Reis, ect.? They've all had some rough patches. How about their respective defenses--especially Chivas USA and San Jose (exceptionally poor). You can certainly throw in the Galaxy's. El Guzano has been a little shaky at times, due to lack of focus, frustration, complacency, whatever, but most of his goals allowed were directly attributed to his weak and unpredictable defense-- namely poor clearances.


A.C. said...

Actually, Gordon also assisted on Donovan's final goal. In fact, he did most of the hard work on that play.