Friday, April 25, 2008

Down in the depths

It was nice knowing you, Veracruz.

After losing 4-2 on Friday to Pumas UNAM, Veracruz punched a ticket to the Primera A. Veracruz has been relegated, saving the first division lives of both Puebla and Tigres.

The relegation system in Mexico is complicated, which is why you don't have America bidding farewell to the top flight. America finished last in the standings for the first time in its history but is pretty safe. America is fifth overall in the relegation standings so the club would need to string together a few more terrible seasons to fall out of the top flight.

Veracruz pieced together some wretched campaigns of late. So did Puebla and Tecos and Tigres and Atlas. But Veracruz proved to be the worst of the worst.


The Hammer said...

I'm conflicted about the Mexican relegation system. I think it's the only relegation system that would work here in the states. Why? Because it protects the big-investment teams.

Is it fair? yeah, you could argue that. One bad year does not a bad team make seems to be the mentality. You have to string up three bad years to get relegated rather than one bad year [which could possibly be a fluke.]

The only thing I would change is... newly promoted teams would not be entered into the % system... instead, if they avoided the last place spot for the year [Clausura + Apertura combined] then they'd be safe. 2nd year. Enter % system.

Anonymous said...

Who's getting promoted?

Anonymous said...

I agree with The Hammer. While I don't think MLS will every have a relegation system, I do believe IF there ever was going to be one, the Mexican system would make the most sense to implement because it isn't as harsh as the relegations systems throughout the rest of the world.

L.B. said...

Hopefully Leon gets promoted. It'd be nice to see them back in the top flight.

I agree with the relegation system there. It's confusing but it also ensures some sort of stability. Yeah, you'll see a club like Tigres drop out every now and then but it's pretty much the usual suspects who get relegated: Veracruz, Puebla, Dorados, clubs like that.

Still don't think even something like that would work for MLS though. Maybe in 20 years.