Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Becks chimes in

On the Ianni/Donovan incident:

It showed [Landon] was more determined after, because obviously he got his goal. It’s all about character when things like that happen. I asked the referee what he thought of the decision and he said he felt it was accidental, which I found quite amazing. Landon got up and got on with the game. That’s the character he is. As much as these things upset you personally, he showed his character and he got his goal.


dj (David Jones) said...

Him getting the goal isn't the issue. Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely faulting Donovan here. Ianni probably got away with too much, but then it's the referee you talk to and not the player. What kind of example does this set for kids watching Donovan? It's unprofessional, and he should have taken his gripe to the referee, IMO.

Anonymous said...

The best player the US has ever produced, and more than half the soccer-watching population here hates him. When Donovan's career is done, he will surely think twice about how he carried himself during his best days.

Anonymous said...

So no children should EVER watch American football, or basket ball, baseball, hockey, pretty much any professional contact sport where I see the same and worse happen all the time. does that make it right? No, not in a perfect world, but does and it is expected, except by for soccer... specifically soccer in the US. Around the world there are worse things yelled at the refs.

Heck there was just a goal. I'm sure it gets pretty loud on the field. Maybe Donovan was just being polite and speaking up to say, "well played ol' chap."