Friday, April 25, 2008

Stories part 1

I wrote a bunch of stories in the last couple of days on the Super Clasico. Two are up and I hope the other two get put up soon.

First, Chivas USA players' thoughts on the Clasico. It's funny because several of the players I talked to said the same thing that Steve Cronin did, that if you don't win a Clasico, you hate seeing the other players from the other team around the HDC following the match.

Also, Chivas USA needs a win badly regardless of the opponent. There are some people who always say that every match is important so if you ask them the question "How important is this game?" you will get the same response: "Every match is important." And that makes for boring copy. It's better to ask open-ended questions like "Talk about the significance of the match" which actually isn't technically a question but you get the point.

Preki is one of those people so I tried to structure the question the right way. You can hear it on the audio clip I posted earlier. Anyway, I used his responses in this story if you didn't listen to the clip. Basically he said "Every match is important" and then elaborated a bit.

I'll post the third and fourth of my stories when they are published.

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CACuzcatlan said...

All you have to do is add one word to make it a question:

"Can you talk about the importance of this game..."