Saturday, April 26, 2008

Worth the investment

I've spent the last 90 minutes or so watching the Toronto-KC match, and peeking over my laptop to watch the NFL draft.

If you haven't gotten it, you should. This is a good game, nice atmosphere, good players and hell there's even Bruce Arena there, as he's the color commentator... hmm, actually, not sure if that's a plus.

Anyway, the is a great buy. $20 and you get the whole season. (and no I wasn't asked by the league to plug the feature)

I'm impressed with Toronto. Guevara, Ricketts, Robert is a good trio and then you've got Edu and Robinson. I think Sean Wheelock said it was one of the best midfields in the league and it's hard to argue with that at this point. The makings are there for a productive season the Toronto midfield.

Guevara by the way scored his first Toronto goal and no he was not offside. Toronto 1-0 in the 63rd.


Dan Haug said...

That as a great match. Toronto is looking pretty good right now. Actually, I think the bar has been raised throughout the league.

I've got the on-line streaming MLS matches. I don't own a TV, so it's just that and on-line champions league for me :(

L.B. said...

You don't own a TV? That sucks. you're welcome to come by and watch the us and/or Mexico as long as you bring some beer.

For some other options email me and I will send you a link for some online channels. You can get gol TV and fox soccer channel.

Lbueno99 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Bruce as the analyst on a TV broadcast. He has so much experience and insight into the league that he often has very interesting comments you don't get from most analysts.

L.B. said...

I wasn't a fan of his when he was on ESPN but he was actually very insightful today. Can't complain about his commentating from today's match.

adrodicus said...


There is a website that has access to all sorts of prem games, la liga, serie a, mls, tons of stuff with a better quality video and so much easier to user than most players.

No, this is not my site and i dont have any interest other than watching good footie on the web.

Dan Haug said...

Thanks for the info on on-line TV guys. I do use sopcast sometimes, (like for the superclassico tonight), but I'll check out the other options.