Sunday, April 20, 2008

Short-term memory loss

Patrick Ianni was asked about what Landon Donovan said to him after the Galaxy forward scored his first goal on Saturday.

"I don't know... I heard him saying something."

At first, he claimed he couldn't remember.

I actually thought Ianni was doing well for himself. He was in good position and seemed to do well with Bobby Boswell in the center of the Dynamo's defense. But ultimately Donovan was too tough. Still, I think their "feud" would have played out better in the future had they not exchanged jerseys after the game because now the next time they meet it's a non-issue.


Dan Haug said...

I thought tonight the Dynamo (and Ianni in particular) really tried to rough up Landon to knock him off his game.

I know that the press (Wynalda in particular) has often said that if you knock LD down he disappears from the game. Any thoughts on that? I've got an opinion, but I haven't seen enough live games to really know how much truth there is (or was) to that.

L.B. said...

I think if you keep the ball away from Landon, he can get frustrated and can lose motivation. He can respond to physical play with aggressive play on his end as he did last night.

8bitjeff said...

At the game, Saturday, obviously we didn't have the relative luxury of good re-plays (with the big screen showing Ashlee Simpson CD giveaways rather than the game), but we didn't need any to see that Landon was going to do something. Ianni really pissed him off, and he showed some real character to come back and score on two possessions where he was being man-handled yet again. Can we stop with the LANDYCAKES now, I think he has certainly shown he isn't a little girl.

Luke said...

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