Thursday, April 24, 2008

Revs/FC Hoops

Dallas and New England going at it. I was stuck in traffic, so I missed the first 20 minutes. It's scoreless.

20 - Shalrie Joseph from distance, but Sala is set and parries the dangerous ball.
23 - Dallas is unbeaten, but NE is tried and tested. They've bounced back from poor results this season already. CK for Dallas.
24 - Flecha Roja serves it in, Toja with a sexy side kick sends the ball toward goal, but Matt Reis palms it away.
25 - Reis shows up on the "beckham cam" which really seems pointless when the ball is at the other end and the goalkeeper is just shaking his legs to stay loose.
27 - I like the drums at Dallas - they help compensate for the gaps in the Thursday night audience. Khano Smith from distance. He's no Shalrie - Sala catches easily.
29 - Cooper sets up the give and go with Rocha - gets a corner out of it. Dax sends it in, ball gets cleared out. Rocha tries from distance - he's no Alvarez - it skies far over the bar.
32 - Wagner has come up, tries a shot, gets deflected out for a corner. Alvarez sends it to Davino, but the header deflects and is cleared out, Shalrie is on the run, but Dax pokes it away.
35 - Former U17 teammates Igwe and Wagner are pitted against each other in this match. Both are playing well.
37 - Smith wins the ball off Dax's foot then sends it to no one. Revs get a corner out of it, but it's cleared.
40 John Harkes tends to talk in half sentences. "To get to an MLS Cup. He's done well."
41 - CK for NE - Cleared, Smith shot, deflected, Wells Thompson shot parried, rebound to Adam Cristman, his hard shot is wide by not a lot.
42 - FC counter! Cooper is in the box with the ball and appealing for a foul on Reis. Not happening.
45 - Revs and FC trade counter opportunities as the ball goes back and forth. Ref Prus shakes a finger at Drew Moor for a wild sliding tackle, but doesn't pull a card.
Mansally with a shot over the bar. Kenny, you're no Shalrie, either.
Halftime. Revs are hanging in there, even with their injuries and while on the road.
56 - Pace of the game has really picked up, but it's still scoreless, with possession going back and forth. the intensity has amped up, though.
60 - Yuck - don't like Arturo's hair. That said, he gets fouled hard by Wells Thompson, who sees a yellow for it. The FK is cleared by the Revs.
66 - Richetti is on. Now they're talking about Cooper's rehab.
67 - Davino is not an elegant defender, but he's really effective.
68 - Clips of Cooper Sr - hey, get back to the game, please!
70 - Shalrie from a bit of distance, gets a CK. Revs, on the road, have a change to sneak out with a point. Service gets cleared, sent back to the box, Heaps in front of goal, puts it over the bar. Bad miss.
71 - Ricardinho on for Toja
72 - Rocha with a good shot from distance. Reis has to dive for it, but he makes the catch.
73 - GOAL! Smith gets the better of Dax on the wing, cuts inside and sends in an angled shot just as he enters the box in traffic, Sala leaning the wrong way makes no play on the ball as it slides into the side net. 1-0 New England.
74 - I said Dallas was ripe for a loss, didn't I? They could very well come back, though.
76 - Cooper header! Over the bar.
80 - Good FK chance for FC. Or not. Dax overhits it, wastes it.
83 -Dallas has had more possession this match, but the chances and the execution? All New England, really.
84 - Alvarez in the box. He goes down. Heaps foot knocked against him, but lightly, and Prus calls against Arturo.
86 - Dallas corner - headed on goal by Moor, but right to Matt Reis, who punches it out.
88 - "What time is it?" Steve Morrow is pointing at his watch - telling his team that they're running out of it.
90 - Ricardinho down in the box. Heaps standing over him yelling, "You're a faker!" or something to that effect.
Dallas FK, cleared to Richetti -wow - he sends a scorcher toward net, but it's just wide of the mark.
90+ Dallas on a furious attack, Igwe ugly challenge on Ricardinho - no embellishment there. FK to Dallas - Dax serves it in - header by davino is wide.
Ricardinho with another shot, Reis saves, holds, takes his time.
Fulltime - Revs defeat Dallas.


Rich21 said...

It's so nice not to hear Dave O'Brien. "SWING AND A MISS."

Anonymous said...

New England can make any team look boring. I feel death slowly approaching:-)!!

FC Uptown said...

Watched the game with a girl I just started dated - she's a huge ManU fan and very snobbish about the game and the greatness of Barclay's. I was working the "check out ManU product, Kenny Cooper" angle. Steve Nicol made my job of getting her fired up about MLS fairly difficult.