Sunday, April 27, 2008

Laughing last

At the Galaxy practice on Friday, I asked Ruud about what the team would do when Landon and or Becks miss games when way on international duty. Ruud responded that all teams have important players miss games for whatever reason and have to adjust. He mentioned a Liverpool squad having to adjust to the loss of Steve Gerrard, for example.

It was pointed out that Liverpool could then bring in Peter Crouch.

"That is true," said Ruud. "But I have Gordon." He smiled, and the assembled group of reporters laughed.

Ruud was serious, though, and he continued with the comparison. "He’s big also and he can head the ball also."

Apparently so. Gordon helped turn the tide for the Galaxy versus Chivas USA.


Mingo said...

True, but even Gordon said his first goal was a fluke. I believe during the post-game interview he said that he wasn't going up with the intention of heading it into the net.

Anonymous said...

he can score from inside the 5yard box... in an empty goal and trough a gk mistake by accident...

but for last night - who cares

5-2 BABY !

starinyourfire said...

it's a work in progress i just hope for the better, i'm happy they won and i'm hoping for more goals by other players too.

Anonymous said...

sometimes a fluke is all you need. a fluke prevented a galaxy win last week, it granted on this week.

Anonymous said...

Especially since Gordo scored with the back of his head! But who cares. I'm happy for him. He changed the game.