Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love to hate

Ante Razov brings out the boos. It seems like fans either love him or hate him. Galaxy fans seemingly love to hate Razov. He's actually given the Galaxy fits over the years. He's still the Fire's all-time leading scorer against the Galaxy and has scored more Clasico goals than any other player, at least in their regular season matchups.

Here's audio of our chat from Wednesday. I included some of what he said in a story I filed to this morning. I'll post that link when the story is published.


el rey said...

Sarachan was an idiot for getting rid of Razov and Marsch. These two guys were warriors that should have ended their careers wearing Fire red. Yes Razov gets hurt, but having Razov for 2/3 of a season is better than having Barrett missing goals ALL season.

papa bear said...

100% agree with El Rey. It was a travesty that they let Ante go to serve Sarachan's ego trip.

Ante will always be one of my favorites and will always be a Fire player to me no matter how long he plays for other clubs.

Eric PZ said...

I'm sure running the length of the field in Fullerton with a one-fingered salute to LA fans after scoring the winner in the Cup semi shortly after leaving LA for Chicago didn't really help LA fans feel his love.