Friday, April 25, 2008

Calling the Clasico

Now's your chance to call your shot for Chivas-Galaxy. Tell me who is going to win and why.


Anonymous said...

Chivas wins. Too much youth and firepower.

Andrea is a better writer when she's upset.

MattJack said...

we're gonna score in a minute!

G's 3-2

man-from-michigan said...

Chivas USA wins because we are coming off two straight losses. Our guys are going to come out very motivated into this match and will have some of our missing players back. My line-up:

LAW-El Emperador-Shavar-Johnny B

I would like to see Braun in there instead of Panchito, but it more than likely will not happen.


Dan Haug said...

Galaxy 3 - Chivas 2

The galaxy are starting to come together as a team. Both teams are shakey in the back, but I think Chivas has looked to have less energy in the last couple games. The galaxy looks better on attack.

I think Sacha is going to piss off Donovan, which will be the difference in the match :)

Rudy said...

Galaxy 2-1. Another pair of Beckham to Donovan goals, after a ridiculous defensive lapse allows the Goats to go up 1-0.

briguy said...

RBNY 2-1 Quakes.

Oh yeah, and my boy Landy gets me like 50 more fantasy points by scoring 3 more goals and engaging all manner of other point-scoring hijinks.

Oh, and the Gals win.

The Manly Ferry said...

Writing as a comparative neutral (let the record show I like Chivas better), I just want to be entertained. More specifically, I want something to laugh about. Both sides' recent form gives me that little bit more hope I'll get what I'm after tomorrow night.

Given how profoundly shocking I find LA's defense, it's up to "Beck-ovan" to balance the ledger - and I think they'll fall just short....and, good lord willing, one of the two will get sent off...without anyone actually getting hurt.

More wise-acre previews available here...or rather there.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully civility and nonviolence...

3-3 draw.

briguy said...

@the manly ferry:

RBNY v Quakes is on Telefutura; what do you mean it's not on tv?

CACuzcatlan said...

Galaxy win 3-2 in a match where defense is absent from both teams.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Chivas 2, Galaxy 0

Regardless of how well Donovan and Beckham are connecting, the Galaxy's back line is suspect (and always will be until Klein, Vanney and Xavier are replaced permanently with better defenders).

Also, Kljestan is coming into his own as an offensive force, and he has served his red-card suspension.

Finally, I'd take Guzan over Cronin in goal in less than a heartbeat, and the Marsch-Nagamura tandem is one of the best in MLS in central midfield.

Anonymous said...

3-1 Goats.

Anonymous said...

Chivas USA win 2-0 Chivas USA have more depth than the galaxy, more heart and talent. Are backline needs work but suarez, Vaughn and Curtin will get the job done.