Monday, April 21, 2008

Cronin on the clasico

I had the chance to talk to Steve Cronin on Saturday after the 2-2 draw with Houston. Cronin is pretty ripped actually. It's hard to tell with his uniform on but he's got some muscles. You could probably call him barrel-chested and be okay with that description.

Anyway, I asked him about the rivalry with Chivas USA. Some of it made it to my PE column for Tuesday, and some of it got left out. I had to stop at 720 words or so (damned print limitations).

So here's something that Cronin said regarding the rivalry.

"Anybody in the league I think they want to rise to the occasion to play this team for one reason or another. I don’t think the fact that it’s Chivas adds any extra pressure to us. The pressure of that game can only reach a certain point and I think we play a number of those games throughout the year."

So Cronin might actually vote for the last of the four options on the recent poll.


A.C. said...

I almost don't think the Galaxy have the luxury of having "special games" anymore. They've missed the playoffs twice, it's harder to get in these days, the parity is immense, and the spotlight is always on them because of Beckham.
Every game pretty much matters. There's no saving up good performances - do that, and they'll get spanked by Colorado or someone again.

Michael said...

The only thing I don't like about such comments of this being "just another game" is that it sounds a bit ignorant to the fact that to the supporters of the club this is MOST DEFINITLY not "just another game"

The players need to understand that its fans bleed the team colors and never more so then at the superclassico.

Gunner said...

Cronin is not very good and his comments pretty much project how he as a player is...the occasional good save doesn't really instill confidence in the team or the fans for that matter.

He lacks leadership, he doesn't really communicate all that well with his defense. I know people like to blame the defense for the goals but he's partially to blame on that end.

Anonymous said...

I'm skipping this one. After the crap the Legion got away with last season, I just don't feel safe bringing my kids to this match.

On the field, it's a pretty good rivalry, but hasn't quite reached the level of intensity that Galaxy vs. San Jose had a couple of years back. Off the field however, Legion have every intention of turning a game into a tragedy.

I really hope there's a heavy police presence in and around their section this time. They can chant and throw streamers and unfurl their flag, that all adds to the atmosphere, but when they start throwing beer bottles and god knows what else in the parking lot, then it goes from being part of the atmosphere to being borderline criminal.

Anonymous said...

"Cronin is pretty ripped actually. It's hard to tell with his uniform on but he's got some muscles". At first I though it was AC's story,
not there is anything the matter with that....

L.B. said...

Ha! I tried to watch my words there so it wouldn't sound too, uh, well, you know...

papa bear said...

I support neither of these teams first and foremost (Fire fan first-interested observer of Galaxy and Chivas second) but it really is the best Derby in the league.
I find myself interested to see it play out every time despite having no real rooting interest in either team.

Edward said...

Isn't the Galaxy-Chivas USA game technically the only derby? I know there are other rivalries, but being the only two teams in the same city kind of automatically makes it the best derby, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Galaxy supporters tend to start the fire, as a result they get burned. Its funny how Galaxy fans try to act innocent, specially when they get what they deserve. Racial slurs, and throwing bottles, or whatever can cost u a lot.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

I can't stand self victimizing people, but I really can't stand self-victimizing Chivas fans.

You want to identify yourselves as the 'mexican' team and whenever somebody slags you for that same reason, you wonder why it was ever brought up in the first place.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's your team whose supporters are +90% of one ethnicity. Galaxy supporters are as diverse as they come, especially in a city like Los Angeles. So don't try to hide behind the "race" card again.

I had the unpleasant experience of going through the gates as the Legion started throwing bottles at Galaxy groups, I'm assuming it was the Riot Squad. Nothing "racial" was being said, unless chants of "I hate the Chivas" are considered racial.

Which, considering the level of intellect displayed by Legion fans, may very well be the case.

Wait, allow me to correct that statement. Nothing racial was being said except for "F***ing Gringos" -- but that doesn't count right?

- MB

Anonymous said...

Bedlam FC, new name for Chivas USA (rebranded)