Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video caught the coach

Ruud Gullit was asked how he evaluated whether or not the Galaxy should sign up Joe Franchino. Ruud mentioned that he took advice from his staff, but also utilized modern technology.

"I saw some videos on the MLS website," said Ruud.

There's a lot of good video on the site these days. Troy and the other video director/cameramen/producers have been busy. I like the QuickKicks feature, too.

Still, it's pretty ballsy of Ruud, and I have to give him credit, to put a player in a game who he'd never even seen practice with the team in person before. All Joe did before taking the field was a warm-up with the squad.


The Hammer said...

Sink or swim seems to be Ruud's approach to the game, no?

Beto said...

Maybe it just shows how little he thinks of the guys on his bench.

Rich21 said...

At least we didn't have to hear a Lalas B.S. press release about how they had been scouting him for years and that's he's one of the top defensive mids in the United States.

It's a refreshing bit of honesty.

Anonymous said...

of course, LA was so bad in the first half almost anything would have been an improvement.