Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chivas USA/RSL running blog

Yep, I'm late, I realize, but heck, it's scoreless, so let's get this started.
Who likes the band?
El classico expansion. These two teams came into the league together, and their rivalry was one of the more heated in the league. Though RSL escaped with the better record in 2005, the club no doubt envies how well Chivas USA has done since then.

30 - Papi in the box dishes off for Sach, who touches twice, then gets his shot deflected.
33 - GOAL! On the break, Papi beats his man and sends the ball into space for Sacha. Nick Rimando comes out, but he's too late - Sacha has time to get to the ball and shoot past Nicky. 1-0 Chivas USA.
35 - Wow, Findley in the box, sends a great pass in front of the goal, Shavar gets to it and dinks it over the net. Close.
37 - Controversy here - Nagamura steps on Carey Talley, but doesn't get booked. That's good, because he already has a yellow.
43 - I'm still not used to seeing Beckerman in RSL colors.
45 - Good build-up by Chivas USA, but the last pass in the box by Panchito is too close to Rimando and he beats Atiba Harris to it, though he winces as he gets stepped on.
45 - RSL was attacking, but then passed back. Bad idea, because the whistle blows to end the half.
Chivas USA look firmly in control for the first half. Ian Joy isn't impressing with his Euro experience. He was out of position on Sacha's goal. Still, the club with the best home record last season look to continue that trend. Papi in particular is playing very well.
Sacha scored in last year's home opener as well - against Toronto FC. That's one way to ring in a new season.
Incidently, I'm not at the game, though Luis is. I'm a bit under the weather.
49 - Chivas FK, but no one really gets on it, though the bounce is tricky - Nicky snags it.
51 - Jonny B clears the ball out in the box - RSL had a bit of an attack going there until then.
52 - Findley in the box! Curtin plays him well, they both go down, but no call. Papi the other way gets stoned by Nicky. CK - cleared.
54 - Ah, the band of the game is a local high school - it's going to be a regular feature.
55 - GOAL! Chivas USA on the attack again. Sacha slides a pass right across the face of the goal, and all Atiba has to do is put his foot out to poke it in. 2-0 Chivas USA
57 - GOAL! Javier Morales serves in a free kick and then Kenny Duechar, in a scrum of red and white, manages to elevate and flick the ball into the goal. 2-1 Chivas USA.
60 - Yura Movsisyan is on for Robbie Findley.
61- Yura takes a shot, but he's offside, and Brad had it covered anyway.
63 - Miscues in the box - Yura sends a header towards goal, but Brad dives and gets a hand on it. CK - cleared out to Andy Williams, whose shot skies into the stands.
66 - RSL look much more active and dynamic since Yura came on, but Chivas USA is holding on.
68 - RSL FK, cleared - wow, Nicky is way out to play that ball and kill the counter.
69 - Raphael Wicky is coming in for his home debut - Atiba isn't happy about going out.
72 - RSL FK - but it's quite a ways out. Guzan snags the long service.
74 - Espindola comes in for Joy. Pozniak kills a play in the box. That was very close again for RSL.
75 - RSL FK - Panchito fouls Andy and this one is close to goal. It's cleared.
77 - Esky is on for Papi.
RSL CK. Cleared to Williams for an outside shot - then he skies it again.
80 - Esky fouled by Borchers. Chivas FK.
Eric Ebert comes in for Pozniak.
82 - RSL attacking, Chivas USA waiting to kill the game on a good counter.
83 - RSL CK - cleared.
85 - Sacha is doing the 70's thing with his hair. I liked the alt-punk look better, but perhaps it got too emo and old for Sacha and he decided to change it up.
87 - Time is running out for RSL - they've looked good this half, but style points don't count in soccer.
88 - Nagamura on the break - Nicky stops him, the ball bounces off him into Mantilla. The announcers insist it was a handball, but I think it hit his shoulder, maybe. It's hard to tell from the angle.
90 - Chivas counter, 3 on 2, Sacha just misses the upper V with his shot.
Espindola gets a yellow.
Yura crosses into the box- but no one from RSL gets to it. Wow. Stoppage time is exciting.
GOAL! The counter pays off for RSL - Wicky passes to a breaking Esky, who has a lot of time to beat Nicky, and then continue to an open goal. 3-1. Esky puts the dagger in his old team.
Final Whistle.


el chueco said...

do you know what the attendance #'s are tonight?

Rich21 said...

How stupid do you have to be to pelt your OWN keeper with streamers and make him have to wade through his penalty box like he's in a swamp?

A.C. said...

It's a second-half tradition for the Legion fans to do that.

Rich21 said...

And Guzan was visibly annoyed by it. Just because something is a tradition doesn't mean it isn't stupid.

Frank said...

Woody Allen once said, "tradition is the illusion of permanence". It would be better, in this case, to make impermanence the tradition and stop this practice. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

wicky played last week

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was pretty funny to watch Guzan complain to the ref about the streamers... "err... they're YOUR supporters"

2008 - 17k
2007 - 14k
2006 - 20k
2005 - 18k

It's neither here nor there, lets see how attendance shifts over the remainder of the season. Since they came into the league, Chivas has still only broken the 20k mark once [home opener in 06] in games not involving Galaxy or Blanco.

A.C. said...

Home debut.

Anonymous said...

we need to bring someone big with the status such as Beckham?