Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mighty Mike

Wrote up a little piece on Mike Randolph for Soccer365.


Rich21 said...

I like Randolph but I like him at a wide left-sided midfielder as opposed to a left back.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, great article. We need Mike on the pitch and glad to see him working hard to improve his game and show Ruud he's the starter.

The Hammer said...

Great article, Andrea. I think Mike Randolph will be fine. The talent he showed last season will keep him on the roster and earn him a starting spot if he keeps working hard. From the sound of it, that's exactly what he's doing.

CACuzcatlan said...

Good work Andrea. Over the last year Mike Randolph has become my favorite Galaxy player. Robbie Findley grew on me so much in his short time with the Galaxy and I was so pissed when we traded him. I keep hoping the same thing doesn't happen with Randolph.

After watching Alexi Lalas on Fox Football Fone-in on FSC last night, I think Randolph will stay around for a while. Lalas dropped his name like 5 times as one of our best young players. I just hope it isn't in an attempt to hype him for a trade or sale.

With our turnaround so high, I didn't get a name on the back of my Galaxy jersey last year. If Randolph is a starter and playing well at mid-season, I might cave in and get his name and number on my jersey. Then I'll pray that we don't get rid of him.