Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thursday pick

Will Beckham make his MLS debut on Thursday? More importantly, will the Galaxy pick up some much-needed points as they start to get to the meat of their schedule? I say no, and not quite.

DC 2, Galaxy 0


The contrarian has to be right sometime, and Donovan has been on fire in RFK in recent times. I say yes, yes.

DC 1, Galaxy 3


Nathan said...

Andrea, I love you and your reporting and your analysis and so I am viewing you as a "trusted source".

As in I trust you will share with Galaxy fans some of the high grade stuff you were smoking when you made this prediction.

Landon may have RFK's number, but the Galaxy lacks a midfield to give him service or have you been missing the "Cannon save/goal kick/restart smashed to midfield where it is immediately repossessed by the opposing side and another attack ensues ending with a Cannon save/goal kick/restart or goal" show that we've been watching for the past 2 months. This was even evident in the Superliga shoot-out with Dallas.

I think LB's got this one right, though I would LOVE for you to be right. But then I'd probably love everyone if I had some of that which you are partaking.

A.C. said...

I'm going with my gut here, no high-level, or even low level substances were involved. Ask Luis, when Real Salt Lake won their first game, I was really waffling, because I thought they were due to win, but I went with the predicted loss. Who picked RSL to win versus Houston?

The Galaxy were tired against Toronto - who wouldn't be after that match versus Dallas? They've showed some good stuff versus quality teams like Chelsea and Pachuca. I don't think the mismatch is so evident - at least not any more than it was last year, when the Galaxy won anyway.

Nathan said...

You make good points, which is part of the joy of Good Natured Banter with knowledgeable people.

I know that in Major League Parity anything can happen in any game. But the Gals are coming off an exhausting tie with TFC, played on turf, still with injuries to key players (Martino, Jones, Albright), lack of fitness to others (Gordon, Beckham), and no playmakers to create anything in the middle (due to the first two) leading to my previously described "punt and scramble" philosophy of moving the ball up field.

All I can say is I hope your gut is feeling something my head is missing.

A.C. said...

I grant it doesn't look good for the Galaxy.

You're right that the midfield is pretty poor in most matches.