Friday, August 17, 2007

Post-game daze

My Press-Enterprise colleague Jim Alexander talks about the process of writing a column off a live event, and then how David Beckham tossed a grenade on the whole thing here on his blog.

He's also got some other things Beckham said, well, basically everything he said, in the post-game press conference as well.

I sat a few seats down from Jim during the match. We sat on opposite ends of the press conference and hadn't realized he'd gone upstairs until I went back up to add quotes to a couple of my earlier stories. I cut out of the Becks presser early (and nearly trampled several camera crew wires in the process), went up the elevator, out on the main concourse and sprinted back to the press box. I ran behind LA Times intern Ken Fowler and it probably looked like I was chasing him down to the few unsuspecting people who saw us dash by.

Anyway, when I got upstairs, Jim was there as were several other reporters watching the whole thing unfold on the TVs. Apparently, the team had beamed the press conference to the press box in an apparent attempt to make up for the 90-minute wait we had to endure.


A.C. said...

Becks may be the new captain, but Landon is still the best quote.

Jim Alexander said...

Amen! (And thanks for the plug!!!)