Sunday, August 19, 2007

Old friend Bobby

Bobby Robson was a hero to David Beckham when the player was growing up (Ooops, that wasn't the knighted Robson, actually). Anyway, Sir Bobby Robson does not approve of the latest choice David has made.


Anonymous said...

You mix up Sir Bobby Robson (the ex manager of Newcastle) and Bryan Robson (the ex ManUtd Player)

Bryan Robson was his idol not Bobby.


diane said...

Thanks Ben. Also, it's hard to rate quotes from retired (or even current) players writing or doing commentary in the UK. They seem to carry more baggage than players in other countries who take up commenting careers. The appearance of this may be compounded by the UK media's quivering excitement whenever they can find a negative statement from a footballer (the country's preeminent celebrity pool).

Soledad said...

Well, according to Jens Lehmann, England's just a bunch of average losers. So, really, Beckham can only help the team. (As he's done his entire freakin' career.)