Monday, August 20, 2007

91 and counting

A long, long, time ago - the U.S. started its soccer history.

Now, we can keep up with the current edition.


East River said...

This may sound a bit crazy but I would love a replica of that original USMNT jersey. The idea of wearing a jersey that looks like the one your team was wearing 91 years ago would be truely retro and really cool.

Jerel said...

I think the MNT did have retro jerseys at one point, although I think it was to commemorate the win over England in the World Cup. Still, they looked pretty cool.

A.C. said...

They did have those 1950 retro jerseys, for a match against Panama that was Eddie Johnson's impressive sub hat trick.

However, I'm with east river, I like the 91-year old design even better. I think a reissue of these would do well.

Toffs has a semi-similar one here:

But it's not as nice as that white one with the dark blue collar.

East River said...

Hum the 1916 version do look better. The blue collar with the big crest/badge is very different from the modern look. The real 1930 jersey wasn't a bad look either. But I think the current jersey is the best look we've had in a while. That one will be the last one I buy for a few years.