Tuesday, May 15, 2007

U20s versus Argentina

Here's the scoop on Argentina - the squad doesn't include Lionel Messi. No one should have thought it would, but you'd be surprised at the amount of times I've covered the US national team and some passersby will stop at the fence, look over the field and ask me, standing nearby, "Which one is Freddy Adu?"

What's even worse is when fans would spot DaMarcus Beasley or Eddie Johnson, decide that had to be Freddy and yell "Adu! Adu!"

They've done it for different age levels, too. When I covered the U17 World Cup in Peru, people would see Ofori Sarkodie and start chanting, "Freddy! Freddy!

Well, for once the Freddy fans are going to be right - Freddy is the captain of the U20s, and he will lead them out versus Argentina, today. Messi or no Messi, it will still be a tough match.

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