Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Galaxy-Rangers running blog (2nd half)


Sorry didnt have a chance to update the blog. Had to actually write and do some work.

79 - Rangers counter; Gow to Ferguson but shot went wide

78 - Adam hit a 50-yard shot that nearly caught Cronin napping; Cronin had to push the ball out of bounds while backpeddaling

76 - Gow nice through ball to Kris Boyd but Boyd put a miserable shot on goal as it went well wide

70 - Burke shot, Cronin stood firm and knocked it clear

68 - Another dangerous possession for Galaxy but no one can make the final pass and Rangers clears ball

68 - Galaxy corner, Quarante takes it, Sturgis shot from 15 yards, McGregor dives and parries ball away

66 - Andy Webster nearly turns ball over inside his own area

62 - Cobi had space to shoot from 22 yards out but fired a shot well wide of the goal

57 - Game's opening up a bit, Galaxy corner kick after Cobi raced down right flank and won a corner

55 - Alan Hutton sent the cross in, Boyd hit it, not the cleanest shot but it went into the back of the net nonetheless

55 - RANGERS GOAL: Kris Boyd scored, knocked it in from 12 yards out

53 - Rangers booking; Ian Murray for kicking the ball at Kevin Harmse on a dead ball

52 - Randolph nice move on Hutton, got free down left flank, cross cleared away by McGregor

50 - Ian Murray leveled Donovan, no card; Charlie Adam did the same to Cobi Jones moments later, no card

47 - Quaranta down injured, walks off, comes right back on

Two subs to start the second half:

Galaxy: Landon Donovan in, Robbie Findley out
Rangers: Alan Gow in, Nacho Novo out

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