Thursday, May 24, 2007

Veris back in backline

Kyle Veris hadn't seen the field for the Galaxy in a while, but he got the start versus Rangers.

"When I got the call, I was really excited," said Veris. "I tried to do my job and make a good impression."

On the goal that got by him.

"A lot of things went wrong on that play. I should have been a little tighter on that play. It was a good finish - the type of play that they like to run. I should have done better, for sure. In close games like that, those mistakes can't happen, and that's what's been happening to us. I didn't do the job I really wanted.

Lesson learned.

"You've got to find you man quicker. Get your hand on somebody and man up. "

Goalkeeper Steve Cronin, though, was hoping Veris would remember that when he calls for a ball, he means it. Early in the match, we in the pressbox were puzzled to see Veris head a ball away that Cronin had come out for.

Cronin didn't understand that, either.

"I called him off of it. The ball was coming right to me. Kyle, I guess, because it was a low service, stepped in and headed it out for a corner kick. First and foremost, if I call the ball, I should get it and he should leave it alone. But he did what he felt comfortable with, which I don't really have a problem with - I just wish he would have put it out for a throw-in instead of a corner kick, as well."

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