Friday, May 25, 2007

Serbia and Montenegro

Someone reading the blog checked in from Serbia and Montenegro. They were a big story at the 2006 World Cup, although they didn't advance past the group stage. That's because the two regions had agreed to become independent countries, but since the team had qualified for the World Cup as a combined team, they would play out one final competition under the same flag.

That's like a couple who decides to break up, but after they both take part in a good friend's wedding or something. It's a little weird and uncomfortable.

Since I don't know whether our visitor checked in from Serbia or Montenegro (I'm guessing Serbia, because Montenegro is really tiny), I'm adding both to the roll call.

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John said...

As the grandson of Serbian immigrants, I take a lot of pride in the soccer produced by this tiny war torn country.

Yugoslavia was once among the top soccer nations in the world. Had war not broken out prior to the 1994 World Cup in the US, they would have been a dark horse favorite to win. They were absolutely loaded with great players at that time.