Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sometimes, it doesn't feel like reporters really have coworkers - we're trying to get editors to like our writing, and we generally want to break stories before any other reporter.

In some situations, though, collaboration works out great. Yesterday, I got a phone call from Marty Renzhofer of the Salt Lake Tribune. Marty had a nice give-n-go to offer; he told me that RSL was definitely working on a trade involving Cunningham and that LA might factor in.

I wasn't at the Galaxy practice yet, and I admitted to Marty that I didn't have much on the story from my end, although I promised to pass any relevant information along.

Albright was present at the Galaxy practice, but just to observe and to explain his injury situation.

Yallop talked about cover for Albright on his injury and mentioned Abel Xavier as an obvious replacement.

That got me thinking a little. At his age, one doesn't contract a player like Xavier for mere cover. If the Galaxy were hoping to make a trade on any level, a pre-injury Albright would be the most valuable commodity they have without moving Landon Donovan. Xavier's signing would give them the freedom to make that move.

Marty called me back with an update. Toronto FC had confirmed the trade of Eskandarian for Cunningham, so LA was out of the picture.

Though the Galaxy were no longer central to the trade story, I mentioned my "Albright on the block" theory to Marty and asked if he could check with his RSL source if there was ever an offer from LA.

Turns out, there was. Marty's story covers the situation, and the timeline of the final decision seems to indicate that Kreis only passed on Albright after the injury.

Goal to Marty, assist to a good RSL source, secondary assist to me!

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