Friday, May 25, 2007

Easily the fake

Last week, I was listening to the Howard Stern show - my favorite radio program - and they played their weekly Gossip Game with National Enquirer's Mike Walker. It's simple, really. Mike Walker gives four celebrity stories, usually juicy stories, but only three of them are true. Howard, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris and Artie Lange then try to guess which one is the fake.

Last week's was the easiest one that I've heard to date. The items were:

- David Beckham was in Las Vegas for the one-year anniversary of Red Rock Casino, won a large amount of money at a poker or blackjack table (I forget which one) and left the dealer a $25,000 tip.

- Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson were not afraid anymore to be photographed together publicly.

- Yoko Ono was on a private plane recently and disliked the food so much that she called a stewardess over and spit the food into the stewardess' hand.

- Paris Hilton broke a $5,000 vase at a hotel owned by the Maloof brothers (owners of the Sacramento Kings) but did not pay for it because she said it was an accident.

I didn't care what the other three were; there was no way possible that David Beckham could have been in Las Vegas recently. None. Maybe this summer but not now.

Artie and Fred guessed correctly that the Beckham story was the fake but they used their own reasoning. Artie said that Englishmen were horrible tippers so that Beckham couldn't have possibly left such a large tip and Fred agreed. They talked briefly about Beckham's salary (Mike Walker said "I believe it was three years, $250 million") but otherwise they didn't go into Becks too much.

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