Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More on the Rangers match

I had a lot of leftover quotes from Galaxy defender Tyrone Marshall regarding today's game against Rangers so I will just put them up here and hopefully inform some people that way about what he said.

* He was a bit more realistic at first in terms of what the game means to him.

"My approach is obviously to work on some of the stuff I saw in the game on Sunday that I need to work on, try to get better at that and as a defensive backline try to be more alert. Obviously these are top-quality players so what better way to test the understanding of your knowledge against these guys. (Maykel) Galindo made a good run behind us – me in particular – so that’s on me now to be more aware of that, work on it and get better."

* Overall, though, Marshall said the team needs to improve as a group to do well against Rangers.

"As a team, we can learn from the speed of play, how we can close the ball down and move together to get a good result. If we go about doing it individually, guys stepping up on the wrong time and not moving together I think we’ll be exposed."

* He said he was going to play but Ty Harden probably was not.

"He gave us the starting lineup. The only exception is Ty is not going to start. Kyle (Veris) needs a game. We’re going to split half and half because we have a game on Saturday."

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