Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aging Ante

When I talked to Ante Razov about the U.S. national team call-up on Tuesday, I figured he'd be happy but that it would be a tempered happiness. It was, not surprisingly, the exact theme of our conversation. He was happy to be part of the team, would be willing to help out the squad and Bob Bradley in whatever way possible but recognized that he was not part of the future and was okay with all that.

From my story:

"Most national teams around the world don't have many 33-year-olds playing on their team," Razov said. "If the national team in the future is relying on a lot of guys 33, 34 or 35 years old, then we might be in some trouble."


Anonymous said...

hey long beach (lb) can you relate to what ante's saying considering you know your age? ;-)

L.B. said...

I'm on the wrong side of 30, my friend, and well past my prime. But I still like to write!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, Italy was in real trouble in the last world cup... what was their average age? 50?