Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two for the show

Bob Bradley said last week that he was figuring on 8-12 players for both Gold Cup and Copa America.

Go ahead and fill two of those slots in.

I asked Preki about Brad Guzan and Jonathan Bornstein and their participation in both tournaments and Preki said that both would be on the United States' Copa America roster.


J.S. said...

If CUSA loses both "El Guzano" and JB for both cups, I hope they can get Zotinca back healthy and get a decent back up keeper.

Anonymous said...

was preki suppose to let that leak before bobbo made the official roster announcement, or are you just that good of a journalist?

L.B. said...

I asked a question and Preki chose to answer it. You don't know what coaches and players will say unless you ask. If they don't want to answer, fine. If they do, cool.

Sometimes people get irritated at you for asking certain questions but as long as you are doing your job they'll respect you.

And if they don't, @#&* 'em :)

scaryice said...

That's the spirit!