Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CL final

For a long time, I've had May 23 circled on my calendar because it's the day of the Rangers-Galaxy match. Most soccer fans around the world have had May 23 circled on their calendars too, but for a different reason. The Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool will be played today.

I missed out on the last Liverpool-Milan final. I was at Galaxy training and was on my way home when I heard the score. I actually made it home in time to catch the last part of the shootout.

I'll get to enjoy the match from the start today as long as A) I make it to the gym in next hour or so and B) my girls take early naps. Since I'm all but out the door and my girls both got up before 6 a.m., I'm hopeful that I'll be able to watch the match somewhat unmolested.

Anyway, here's a good breakdown from's Gabriele Marcotti of the Liverpool-Milan matchup and another preview story from Reuters.

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