Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Damn poachers

I was at the Galaxy-Rangers press conference today and wanted to chat with Landon Donovan about national team stuff. I was in the midst of a group interview with Rangers manager Walter Smith when I heard Landon say "Am I good?" to a Galaxy official which meant he was getting ready to leave apparently. A few people had been talking to him and apparently they were done.

So I turned around and asked if he had a few minutes and he said of course so we got to talking. Now, I wasn't sure when i would see him again or have the chance to talk to him kind of alone; I imagine with the US he would be hounded by others as well so Tuesday was my best shot of talking to him.

I started to ask about USMNT stuff when the Fox Soccer Channel camera crew made their way to the interview. It was a cameraman and some guy with a microphone but it didn't look like they were going to ask any questions. Instead, they just poached off my interview.

So before the Landon stuff that I got ends up on Fox Soccer Channel, let me give you some of the highlights (I'll write some of this up for LASN tonight and the PE later next week):

- Landon hasn't talked to Bob Bradley about the summer tournaments. He said he ran into Bob the other day at HDC but Bob was in the middle of a workout.

- He hasn't heard about the Gold Cup roster definitively.

- He said that they are trying to have MLS players stay with their teams through the weekend of June 2 so he said he might be with the Galaxy for the June 2 game against DC United.

- He said he doesn't want to be gone for the whole summer but would be open to playing in both tournaments (which leads me to believe that he hasn't made up his mind yet and still has some decision making to do).

There. Screw you, FSC!

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