Monday, May 21, 2007

Crash course

I try to keep up with soccer all around the world but it's difficult. I probably am most familiar with MLS, then Mexico, then... well, everything else is pretty much lagging.

I watch highlights as much as possible and read about the goings on of soccer around the world but I can't list the teams who are being relegated from Spain, England, Italy, Germany, etc.

So I've been doing my best to get up to speed on Rangers. I guess I stopped paying too much attention to Scotland after Celtic won the title in, uh, like January or something. Turns out, Rangers lost on Sunday and it was the end of a sad season. I guess for them not winning the SPL amounts to a terrible campaign.

I did have one question about them, more specifically their logo. What is the significance of the word "Ready" on their logo? And has this been their logo for a long time or is it something recent? Not that I'm necessarily going to ask Walter Smith about this on Tuesday or anything but just curious about it nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

I believe it used to say "Aye Ready", which is Scottish slang for "always ready". A few years back I think it was shortened to just "Ready".