Friday, August 1, 2008

Rest of the field

I wrote about the other teams in the women's Olympic Games field.

I ranked the teams
, but I'm curious as to what our readers think and why. Explain who looks golden to you.


ghostwriter said...

Seems I'm the only one posting on the USWNT and Olympics. Oh well, that's women's soccer for you, unless there's a big fat controversy, or the US gals win something, it's a yawner....Nevertheless:

That's Group F for awFul. Thank the soccer gods for keeping the US out of that one. Three top teams and one bunch of very athletic, very agressive, and nothing to lose Nigerians. A key injury versus that squad for either the Germans or Brazilians could change the course of the event.

There are a larger number of squads this year with high aspirations and more parity. I actually think we'll see a couple upsets, which, hopefully, won't involve the US women.

If the US kids can show some finishing prowess early, I think they'll be right there. If not, well, I don't really want to think about if not...three ties in group play could leave them out of the medal round on goal differential or 1-1-1 3rd place squads from other groups, which are distinct possibilities.

Germany have to be the favorites, right? But they'll not have any cupcakes to hammer early on like they did at the WC. Whoever survives Group F will either be battle tested favorites or worn out upsets in waiting.

I think, however, that the late Wambaugh injury, if the team plays well but can't score, will likely save the Sundhage job and, if so, her squad will be the team to beat by the next WC.

Coach said...

8TH!! Come on now!

Well at least that would put us in the Quarter Finals, I suppose!

Come on A.C., show your neighbours to the north some respect! "HUH" you say!

Just "you all" wait & see, "EH"!!

Oh, the bad humour! Sorry!


P.S. I'm still hangin in here with ya Ghost! lol

Eos said...

Three words:

F1 v. G2

This means:

(a) the Norway-USA match might effectively decide both teams' fates before the opening ceremonies.

(b) given that Group F will have been decided before Groups E and G play their final matches, there would seem to be a chance of shenanigans. (The simplest scenario: if it's clear that three teams will qualify from Group G, and if Norway and Japan are tied for second going into their last match, then, with the choice being between the Group F winner and the Group E winner, it would be in both teams' best interests to lose! (Even assuming that the host win Group E, they'd likely represent a lesser challenge than whoever survives Group F.)

papa bear said...

I think you overrate Brazil (but that is en vougue these days) and underrate Canada.

That said, I have a hard time seeing anyone but Germany winning gold this year. Which will sadly be the first WC/Olympic cycle the US hasn't won one or both if that holds true.

If Rodgriguez and Kai play well we could still win.