Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two sides of the coin

Atlas of Guadalajara beat Argentine powers Boca Juniors 3-1 in Mexico on Tuesday.

With the win, Atlas is all but through to the quarterfinal stage of Copa Libertadores. Boca, meanwhile, needs some help but their situation is not dire, yet.

Here's how two dailies saw the game. Ole, of Argentina, blares "Defenseless" while Cancha of Guadalajara says "Even with Diego" alluding to Diego Maradona who apparently took the match in from the stands.


Anonymous said...

Diego wasn't just "apparently" at the game -- he could see him on tv, en el Jalisco, last night, watching the game like an old g. saludos, diegote

L.B. said...

Yeah, I saw the pictures that ran in Cancha of Diego in a suite and people taking pictures of him and all that.