Friday, April 11, 2008

Shaka up baby, now

Twist and shout about MLS travel, but not a whole lot else. I get the sense from some of the stuff he writes that Shaka Hislop played in MLS, sure, but he doesn't seem to really pay much attention to the league.
On the other hand, for readers from Great Britain at least, he probably has credibility because they remember him from his playing days in England.


Anonymous said...

I like the article for the simple fact that gives props to Blanco and the Latin American fans. I hate Blanco but i love what he has done for the league.

Anonymous said...

Andrea,why are you so critical of Shaka?

I'm a brit in America that actually likes and respects the MLS but I know many of my brethren are arrogant twits. What Shaka is doing with his column imho helps my idiot brethren back in blighty that enjoy insulting the MLS to actually learn a thing or two about the league.

A.C. said...

If you're asking do I think Shaka's column is better than nothing on MLS, well, perhaps I'd have to agree with that. However, I also believe the Brits are as deserving of accurate, insightful articles on MLS as anyone else is. Shaka's been flat wrong with some of the information he's distributed (Albright no longer plays for the LA Galaxy, for example). If you are writing to defend his articles on the basis of how unique, original and revealing they are, please do so. But yes, it does frustrate me that he seems to be given opportunities simply as an ex-English club player, and not on what he actually knows about reporting on MLS. Someone who bothers enough to be better informed might teach more than a thing or two - they could teach a whole lot.