Friday, April 11, 2008

Leon in charge of Blanco

John Guppy is out as general manager of the Chicago Fire and Javier Leon, who used to be C.E.O and general manager of Chivas USA, has stepped in, at least temporarily.
It's a bit ironic, considering that Leon was crucial to the start of Chivas USA, whose parent team in Guadalajara is considered the eternal rival of Club America, where Cuauhtemoc Blanco was a huge star, that Leon is at least nominally the boss of Blanco now.
Leon is bilingual, passionate about soccer and a nice guy. I've interviewed him a few times and always thought he was a bit more mellow than Antonio Cue, who seemed more stressed with every loss in that first year of the club. Yet when the club improved, Leon moved on in 2007, or was pushed out. Or maybe just nudged.

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