Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not goodbye at all

I love video mockery as much as anyone, but like the second comment on the YouTube page of this Fire fan's gloating clip show of the victory over the Revs alludes to, the Bocelli song isn't about goodbye. Perhaps people decided to do the English version as a goodbye lyric because the song sounds a bit melancholy, but the words in Italian are basically, "I will leave with you - I'll go wherever you go, we'll travel oceans together. . ." It's a really mushy song that gets played at weddings in Italy a lot, I've been told.
See, I know this, because I was at a party in college where an Italian guy was finishing up his study exchange and going back to Parma, his hometown. I'd had just enough to drink that I thought it would be a good idea to serenade him with what I believed was an appropriate song, "Con te partiro". He laughed. "You don't know what you're singing, do you?" Then he explained the lyrics to me. I'm pretty much sticking to songs where I understand all the words now.


mosler said...

Level with us got lucky that night didn't you? :-D

A.C. said...

No. He was cute, but he was really besotted with a girl he'd left back in Italy and who wants to be a stand-in? He was a good soccer player, though. Great passing skill, and that made even pickup games in the park a lot of fun. Cheers, Davide, wherever you are.
Amore, labore y mangia bene!