Monday, April 14, 2008

Ace (of) Cakes

1) Chicago Fire – Winning ugly, but winning on the road matters

2) New England – Bounce right back from Chicago pasting

3) FC Dallas – Learning and progressing – and Alvarez is heating up early this season.

4) Kansas City – Previous momentum halts, but team holds its own against defending champions.

5) Columbus – Sigi’s boys take care of one of the best teams in the West

6) Colorado – I can’t really believe they’re here either.

7) DC United – Is Gallardo too precious of a doll to play on FieldTurf?

8) Chivas USA – This team misses captain Suarez.

9) New York – The honeymoon is over for Osorio – yes, it happens that fast.

10) Real Salt Lake – Beckerman has gone from reviled enemy to beloved playmaker quite quickly.

11) Toronto FC – Moving on up, no longer winless on the season.

12) Houston – How the mighty have fallen – can they get up?

13) LA Galaxy – Concentration, confidence, cohesiveness and cojones – the Galaxy need to find those essential ingredients to win games.

14) San Jose – Still scoreless. Still winless. Still happy to be back


papa bear said...

"New England – Bounce right back from Chicago pasting"

...and then got whipped by Colorado more than the scoreline would indicate. Too high on the list for my tastes.

Houston on the other hand, are terrible this year. Who knew Jaqua would be that valuable? (we already knew Ngwenya leaving would hurt)

Ben said...

This is the absolute worst galaxy team i have ever seen... they leave me longing for the Steve Sampson days... What is it going to take to get Lalas fired?

Jason said...

"7) DC United – Is Gallardo too precious of a doll to play on FieldTurf?"

No, but after 4 games in 2 weeks and 30+ matches left do you really want to find out if he can take the really bad Turf?

I don't see him sitting at Toronto, but the turf at Rice-Eckles looks really really bad.