Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SuperLiga vs Champions League

The Galaxy and MLS face an interesting problem. On current form, the Galaxy will not qualify for the SuperLiga tournament next year. However, they are in the SuperLiga final and could conceivably defeat Pachuca and raise the title. Does this mean that the Galaxy will be barred from defending their title?

A similar situation occured the year that Liverpool won the Champions' League. Their standing in England's Premier League should have disqualified them for the CL the next year, but their place as defending champions won out. The tournament changed the rules to allow them in.

I wonder what will happen to the Galaxy on that count if they win.


Michael said...

No chance the Galaxy aren't allowed to defend their crown should they win it because of two golden(-balls) words: David. Beckham. Think Superliga would spurn the exposure that comes with Beckham's presence in the tournament? No chance whatsoever. Galaxy will be allowed a Liverpool-esque exception into the tournament should they win it.

L.B. said...

Damn, Michael you beat me to it.

If the Galaxy win, you can mark this down with a big fat Sharpie: the Galaxy will be in the 2008 SuperLiga.

But I think the question will be this: if the Galaxy loses, will they still gain entrance into next year's tournament as the beaten finalists? That's what we need to concern ourselves with because the Galaxy ain't beating Pachuca next week.

A.C. said...

I don't think finishing second cuts it as far as an exception. Last year the Galaxy were Open Cup finalists, but that didn't matter when the lowest-placed MLS teams from the 2006 season were forced to qualify to that tournament this year.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it make more sense for the MLS to stick with their own rules and not let the LA Galaxy into the SuperLiga next year. The LA Galaxy could focus on making the playoffs and schedule more lucrative exhibition matches instead of SuperLiga fixtures next year.

One of the marketing benefits of the SuperLiga was to put more importance into regular season play so teams would be competing for SuperLiga spots at the end of the season and not just coasting into the playoffs. If you are trying to create this impression and trying to create some tradition with this tournament changing the setup the first year is a horrible way to do that.

glen vw said...

I think it would be really difficult to leave out the LA Galaxy for next years SuperLiga if they win the final or not, I'm thinking they will pull it out 3-2 :)

With the publicity Beckham brings along with the exposure I think the Galaxy will have in the off-season playing Sydney FC (including ZZ and Bartez), plus some club friendlies in Europe.

If they continue adhering as a team you get the feeling they will have their act together as a team for the '08 season and should be looking strong for SuperLiga '08.

A.C. said...

It would be a huge upset if they defeat Pachuca, who are money in international tournaments and battletested like few squads in the world. In the group play loss versus the Galaxy, they were missing a couple of key players because of teh Copa America.

Of course, the Galaxy didn't have Beckham, either.

Bonji said...

This is the Beckham team featuring his Galaxy teammates we're talking about here. If they win it all, another MLS team will not qualify. You know it.