Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Solomon's choice

Bob Bradley has taken Jonathan Bornstein and Landon Donovan off the field in a friendly against Sweden at the exact same time, probably to not tire one out more than the other since their respective MLS teams face each other tomorrow.

Competition-wise, this is a friendly, but considering the U.S. is a goal down, I'm not sure it's the best decision. I'm curious to see what will happen, though.

Now that the match has ended, I'm left wondering about how deliberate the move was on Bradley's part. I wonder if Heath Pearce can blame Bradley's sense of justice for his exclusion on the roster. The theory there would be that Bradley wanted Landon on the roster, but wanted to try and nuetralize the idea that he was weakening the Galaxy before their match versus Chivas USA by taking Bornstein as well. That attempt on Bradley's part to be completely fair (though obviously Donovan doesn't equal Bornstein, and neither are the club situations equitable) could have been the reason why Heath, a comparable option at left back who plays in the Bundesliga, didn't get the call.


Anonymous said...

Your the sports reporter, why dont you find out about Heath?

L.B. said...

Heath Pearce can blame his inferior skills on being left off the roster.

Jonathan Bornstein is hands down the better player than Pearce, regardless of where Pearce plays his club soccer.

Bornstein offers much more from the back; he's got pace, he recovers quickly, he's got excellent vision, he runs all day and adds plenty to the attack from the left flank.

And just think, one year ago we were all wondering who could fill the void at left back.

A.C. said...

I like Bornstein, but I'm not ready to write off Pearce, either, and I do think the level of competition matters. I like Jonny can run all day and has a great shot, but he's also more prone to mistakes like the one he made in the Copa America. He's not a pure defender, and I think sometimes it shows. I also think Heath has better passing skills from the back.
It all depends on what one prefers, and obviously, Bradley prefers Bornstein.
Personally, I'd call up Jose Burciaga, myself.

Anonymous said...

i must have been watching a different bornstein then you yesterday lb.