Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sellout likely

The Galaxy-Pachuca game next week will likely be a sellout but that's not really saying a lot. The Galaxy will only be able to sell 12,500 tickets because of a conflict with Cal State Dominguez Hills. So instead of 27,000 available tickets (or thereabouts), there will be half that.

The $1 million finale, Pachuca, Beckham, Galaxy, Mexico, MLS... and 14,500 empty seats.


Anonymous said...

Calling Don Garber, calling Don Garber.....

A.C. said...

Oh well, at least the beer lines will be shorter.

Matt L said...

From what I understand, it is related to parking. Why can't the team urge people to park at another location (I don't know LA, but how far are other stadiums and venues) and then get a serious number of buses to continuously run between the locations.

At times like this MLS really seems like a joke. They always seem to make some concession that prevents them from being 1st class.


Get a waiver from the school. A one time waiver....hell, pay them some money...give them Becks to deliver their graduation address.