Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oh, it's on!

OK, folks, here we go, here we go, now. For all those who have commented, "I'd like to see Donovan try that in Azteca", well, circle the date - the 9th - in September. As has long been rumored, the U.S. and Mexico are meeting for a friendly (ha, freaking ha) match.

Sideline Views plans to be there. Luis has never seen a U.S./Mexico match in Azteca, while this will be my second. It's amazing. Can't wait.


Paul said...

Alright, Bradley and Co. did not have a good Copa. But this one is a step in the right direction, continuing the positive vibes from the Gold Cup.

Any idea as to who thought up this one? The idea has been floating around for years, but who encouraged the US soccer gods to create this masterpiece?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that guy has the balls to do that in Azteca. First we actually have to be winning. But if he actually did it GOD BLESS HIM! It would be the coolest thing an American Soccer player ever did(maybe). An it would take our rivalry with those fools to another level especially if Donovan did it.

Ben said...

Is there a company that arranges packages down to DF for US fans? I kinda want to go but I'm afraid I'm gonna get mauled by the fans.

A.C. said...

You will be very safe. When I went, I actually sat with the U.S. fans. We were escorted by riot police the whole time and given our own section.

Several U.S. fan groups, including Sam's Army and DC's Screaming Eagles, plan package trips that you can probably join.