Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Not the story

Although both The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran stories on the Sounders' 5-0 win over Colorado this morning, both stories focused more on the prospects of a Seattle-based MLS club joining the fray in the near future.

The Times' story had more details on the match and had reaction from Sounders coach Brian Schmetzer but also had a good chunk of the story on the potential for expansion.

The PI story didn't have any quotes so it may have been from an early edition.

Having written for The Press-Enterprise for many years, I know the struggle it is sometimes to get space in the paper for soccer. Perhaps there wasn't enough interest or space but there could have been a short sidebar, say 8-10 inches or roughly 300 words or so, to go along with the game story. As it stands, there was likely just the one hole for soccer and that's that.

The writers did what they could and still got info about both the game and the potential for expansion. Still, it must have been frustrating to have about twice as much on Washington Huskies football than the rout over Colorado, but such is the world we live in.


James Burd said...

I think the biggest story in The Times is how FC Dallas secretly played 11 extra MLS games without anyone knowing!

"FC Dallas (12-12-5)"

Anonymous said...

As a Portland Timbers supporter, I applaud the Sounders awesome cup run.

Supporting USL clubs is like being a part of a secret society nobody knows about except other footy fans.

Both the Oregonian in Portland and the Seattle PI and Times ignore the clubs unless they are playing an exhibition against foreign clubs.