Wednesday, August 15, 2007

McClaren looks to Beckham

It's not official yet but this is as close to official as it gets.

England manager Steve McClaren said Beckham would be part of the England squad for next week's friendly against Germany at Wembley.

"He will be in the squad. We want him to come over and play a part against Germany but it all depends on what happens this evening."

Of course, it could all change if Beckham has a setback. Or it could be solidified if Beckham has no lingering effects. For now, though, his spot on England seems secure.


Anonymous said...

This just baffles me. Do they want his ankle to get worse???

Diane said...

Yesterday's "little" hop and grimace after ONE strike didn't look like 70 to 80% fit to me. I've been with all who have said that players should not be allowed to make decisions about their own fitness to play (no chance of objectivity). Apparently coaches and managers now need to be restrained as well.

I just had the incredibly cynical thought: after the past year, do we really trust McClaren's motives about anything? Especially Beckham? Why is he putting him at risk for a friendly with two actual qualifiers coming up in September--even if he could care less about the remainder of the Galaxy season? (The last part being a real question).

Anonymous said...

McClaren is clueless. I knew that when the FA hired him before the WC and then when he was coaching the squad on the sideline while Ericsson looked on. The guy may be a decent coach but he is way in over his head. You have to wonder when players, fans, and media will starting demanding his termination.