Monday, August 13, 2007

LB Rankings (Aug. 13)

It's the dog days of summer and the field is really starting to separate. The top four clubs right now are fairly close to each other but there's a noticeable gap between No. 4 and No. 5. Also, another trend that is surfacing - the worst clubs can be found in the Western Conference.

1. FC Dallas (11-6-3). Not the sexiest statistics but FC Dallas is MLS's best right now.
2. New England (10-4-6). Could a double be in Revs' future? Club is sure capable of pulling it off.
3. D.C. United (9-6-3). United starting to flex muscle.
4. Houston (10-7-4). First RSL, then Colorado. Is string of poor results a fluke?
5. Kansas City (8-6-5). Hopefully Wizards addressed defensive issues during time off.
6. Chivas USA (8-6-3). No action since July 29.
7. New York (9-7-3). We'd forgotten what the good Red Bulls team looked like.
8. Columbus (6-6-8). Come-from-ahead loss could cost the Crew come playoff time.
9. Chicago (5-8-5). Blanco-Wanchope-Rolfe triad could vault Fire into playoff chase.
10. Toronto FC (5-10-5). Competitive at home, not so much on the road.
11. Real Salt Lake (2-9-6). Just when RSL has a victory to build on, the club has a bye week.
12. Colorado (5-9-6). Who knew they had it in them to beat Houston?
13. Los Angeles (3-7-5). Going from bad to worse... wait, scratch that; going from terrible to ghastly.

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