Friday, August 10, 2007

Jornada 2

Jornada 2 is up and running as Veracruz surprised Atlas 2-1. Well, surprised may be a bit of a stretch since Veracruz was at home but Atlas was supposed to have been strong this season and have a draw and a loss after two games.

As for the rest of the week, the most anticipated-game is likely Cruz Azul-Tigres. I suppose Pachuca-Morelia could be good, the SuperLiga matchup that never materialized. But Cruz Azul and Tigres are each legitimate playoff contenders as well as two Group 3 sides. This match will likely have some sort of playoff implication down the road.

Another storyline to follow here is the Cesar "Chelito" Delgado ordeal. Word broke this week that Delgado was targeted by Olympiakos, who apparently made a bid for the Argentine. Delgado has stated publicly that he would like the opportunity to play abroad but Cruz Azul officials claim the player's happy in Mexico. Despite what Delgado wants, the club should keep him around, though. At this point of the season, Cruz Azul would be foolish to deal away their top ace.


Joel Aceves said...

I don't think Atlas is supposed to be good this season, granted they brought in Marioni but the jury is still out on him and, imo, one player will not be enough to turn the "Rojinegros" fortunes around.

If anything I would rank Atlas right up there with Pumas as traditional club's that are always expected to do good, i.e, qualify to the league playoffs, but I doubt either side are serious contenders for the league title.

If anything it is somewhat disappointing that these club's which for years supplied the vast majority of talent to the national team and league have begun depending, heavily, on foreigners.

kinda Ironic how Bruno Marioni made his name, in the MFL, with Pumas and is now at Atlas..

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster.

Atlas never lives up to its potential. I am dissapointed they brought Marioni into the fold, as he is on his last legs. Why not give the coveted forward spot to a young guy from their youth system. Marioni has not scored goals since his first tour of duty w/ Pumas and gets ejected a lot. I think it's Romano being Romano.

I say Cruz Azul should let Chelito go to Europe. They might be trying to squeeze a couple more million from Olympiakos, seeing as they have cash now from selling Nery. Lol. Again, let a young guy like Villaluz get el Chelito's spot, Chelito is a choker in liguilla anyway.

The good game this weekend is Morelia vs. Pachuca. Landin vs. Pachuca. Trejo vs. Pachuca. Morelia is trying hard to rebuild a playoff contender, it should be a good barometer.